Keep flu at bay this autumn with ayurveda

Holistic wellness methods for natural prevention of influenza virus


The holistic way to prevent influenza this autumn

” Raindrops are falling on my head … they keep falling.. and i got flu “

Rustling leaves falling onto the ground might be a set up of great photography scenes but flu could easily ruin your productive day. Accompanied by light dizziness and coarse throat, it is better to get it checked before the more profound symptoms of sneezing and cough sets in. Now, here’s the take -let’s face it -we will rush to the nearest pharmacy for preventive or may be even antibiotics – this is where things could get real nasty- more and more cases of MDR(Multiple Drug Resistance) and fast mutation of flu virus are resulting in persistent infections and could end up in fatality.

But that’s the long story.

In short, we try to list our some of the favourite herbs in ayurveda/naturopathy which have been preventing flu for ages. Also, it will help lead a sustainable natural drug delivery course. And of course, the most fad adjective of the decade- organic wellness.

Let’s get started .

Ginger-Lemongrass- Turmeric hot infusion (tea)

ginger tea


3/4 ” ginger crushed in a mortar

2 flakes of garlic

1 tbsp full of crushed holy basil leaves

1 1/2 tsp lemongrass stalks crushed

1 tsp organic turmeric powder or 3/4″ fresh/dried turmeric

Boil them in 200 ml of water for 5-8 minutes on medium heat. Bring down and let it rest for another 3 minutes. Drain and drink the tea 3 times daily for a week. Flu symptoms will be reduced drastically.

It has been found that any clear broth/ soup included in diet like a clear soup with seasonal veggies(lightly salted) could marginally reduce flu symptoms.

DIY Herbal Steam therapy



A vaporizer / steam shower

Few drops of essential oils – basil, chamomile, clove, camphor(cinammonum campohora) depending on the potency and usage. For a large steam bath use a 1-2 ml of each.

Take the vaporizer and inhale the vapor along with essential oil 2 times at morning and before bed.

For a steam bath infuse the essential oil into the bath water along with a bunch of crushed camphor basil leaves.

Take a 20-30 minutes of bath with slowly massaging the lymphatic node endings (chest, arm, groins and lower thigh muscles)

Dietery control

Avoid sugars in all form, greasy foods (including bbq ribs!), cold drinks and alcohol (at least when you are down – don’t assume the dark rum would play its part and relieve you). Follow a high carb and low protein diet. Rely more on light cereals ( rice and millets) and less on breads.


Also, never forget to intake lots of liquid in form of  unsweetened coconut water and water.


Loads of sleep hours

Resting is the single most important task which we find daunting especially when loaded with target completion deadliness. Still, one should find more excuses to rest as much as possible(upto 9 hrs for adults) in case influenza virus breaks into your synced schedule.


Lastly, consultation to a specialist (naturopath/ allopath) should be on priority basis in case the conditions get worse.   


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